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FAQ page

Can I take a shower with the jewelry?

Yes! You can shower safely with our 925 silver jewelry and 14k gold jewelry. 

The Gold Dipped and Rosegold Dipped are not suitable for showering. Just put them aside before showering and the beauty of your jewelry will be preserved

How do I put the bracelet on?

Pull on the two knots to open the bracelet. Insert your hand into the band and pull the knots outwards.


Do you draw cats?

Yes! Our website is called Woofpalace, but we are also experts in drawing cats.

Here are two examples for you:

Can you also draw other pets?

Sure! We've already made horses, guinea pigs, snakes and rats! All pets and animals are welcome. Surprise us with your pet. I look forward to new challenges.

Here are two examples for you:

Do you ship your products internationally?

Yes, we also ship the products internationally. 

My pet recently passed away. Can I have the piece of jewelry made as a keepsake?

My condolences for your loss., of course you can have it made as a keepsake- many people do.

I'm not sure if the picture is the right one to upload?

No problem. You'll find a live chat right down here on the left. There you can upload your picture and ask if it is a good picture. You will get your answer within a short time.

I still have a question that I would like to ask...

No problem :) Just write your question and we are happy you help you out with your questions! 


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