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ATTENTION! We encountered a problem with order fulfillment. All orders will be fulfilled and sent after June 24th. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

Frequently asked questions

Yes! Of course everything we offer at Woofpalace is unique and custom made just for you! Just upload your favorite picture of your pet and we will make sure to take care of this wonderful memory and capture it in the most perfect way possible.

No we do all animals! We love the diversity of our customers' pets and the special bond they share. That's why we offer our timeless keepsakes to all pet lovers. Whether you have a cat, hamster, ginuea pig, bird, snake, fish or spiders we will immortalize your most precious besties.

All of our jewelry is made from genuine 925 Sterling Silver and 14k Solid Gold from Italy and Austria.

This enables us to offer allergy-safe pieces that are not susceptible to discoloration, rust or other types of water damage thanks to our advances plating process.

Trust is a very important part of our work, and unfortunately it would take a lot of extra time in our production to send previews with every order and wait for approval.

For this reason, we can only offer this service to our customers who order 14k Gold jewelry. ☺️